Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Observation Exercise

There was no class on Tuesday last week sebab Dr T went somewhere for work. Tapi sempat dia assigned us with an "observation exercise" for the week yg takde class tu and to come out with our findings during the next class this week.

The task was simple, we have to watched a movie - Deja Vu (2006) at least twice. Every time lepas tengok movie tu, we have to come out with our findings based on apa yg kami observed. Meaning that, during the 2nd viewing, we are expected to observe apa yg kami missed during the 1st viewing. We need to observe the scenes from an intelligent analyst point of view.

ATF Agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington)
FBI Agent Paul Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer)
FBI Agent Jack McCready (Bruce Greenwood)
Heroine Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton)
Scientist Prof Alexander Denny (Adam Goldberg)
Terrorist Carroll Oerstadt (James Caviezel)

In a nutshell, Deja Vu is about a domestic terrorism bombing of a ferry loaded with 543 people consisted of US Navy crew and civilians in New Orleans, Louisiana on Fat Tuesday. The FBI took over the case from the ATF after learning that there is a possibility the bombing maybe related to an act of terrorism.

FBI Agent Paul Pryzwarra decided to recruit ATF Agent Doug Carlin to assist the investigation due to the fact of his background being local having a link to a victim of the event. The investigation utilizing a tool called Snow White enabled the FBI to "travel" back 4 days and 6 hours in past to trace the event. Agent Carlin believes that a lady victim, Claire Kuchever who was found at the shore nearby the bombing area 6 minutes prior to the bombing may have a link to the event. The rest of the story was another FBI kinda movie. They get the bad guy, Agent Carlin travel back through time to save Claire Kuchever.

I guess the reason why Dr T wanted us to observed this movie is the movie was designed to create complexity by traveling back and forth through time. Apart from the fact he was a former Bureau. I think, it is a good movie to train your observation and analytic skills. Since we were asked to view the movie at least twice, hence we are expected to observed the details in the movie.

But from a movie viewer point of view, it is only rated fairly since the storyline is pretty basic. It is just another FBI movie.


Olpicture said...

Best nyer, Assignmet kena tengok Movie!!! i mesti tak sabar-sabar nak buat homework kalau cam gitu!

Anonymous said...

yup....wpun storyline cam mengarut...aku suka je tgk movie2 yg mengarut nih sumer....wakakakaa

the evil genius said...

Ayoi..cuba tgk Fringe on tv...ada FBI, homeland security, X Files, terrorism wrap into one...syok plak aku layan

~ayoi~ said...

Oldpicture: Mmg bahagia kalau selalu dpt assignment mcm ni.

Vogue: Kalau takat tgk je, best la. Takyah buat report. Bagi la citer apa pun.

Mr Evil: Fringe? Menarik gak suggestion tu. Nanti aku layan. Thanks

hazel said...

Bosannya tengok cerita2 macam tu... x boleh ke kalo kita tengok citer Devil Wears Prada ke, Sex and The City: The Movie ke, or even My Best Friend's Wedding... tentu lagi menarik review nyer...

Olpicture said...

ternanti Entry Raya dari Ayoi... tema kaler apa tahun ni? Selamat Hari Raya!

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