Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chit-chat littleman

Few dialogues with littleman.

Currently littleman is taking extra class for bahasa malaysia;
Mrs mama: littleman, how do you learn malay in your class? Teacher leen speaks malay with you?
Littlema: Yes.
Mrs mama: How about you? You speak malay too?
Littleman: No, English.
Mrs mama: So, you learn malay in englsih?
Littleman: I speak English at school.

Dulu masa darjah satu, korang belajar english camner yek? cikgu ckp english or melayu? Mrs mama dulu darjah satu di SK Tunku Raudzah, Aloq Setaq. Cikgu nama Datin Laili. Kalau tak silap cikgu tu ckp campur2 sbb tak semua students paham. How about you?

While littleman you-tubing Upin and Ipin;
Mr Ayah: You watch Upin and Ipin in malay…
Littleman: Yes.
Mr Ayah: You understands Malay?
Littleman: No.

While watching Amazing Race Finale, scene turun bangunan 62 tingkat;
Littleman: Mama, why you not in it?
Mrs mama: You want me to climb down the building? It's too high.
Littleman: Yes, be careful ok. Don't die.
Mrs mama: You don't want me to die?
Littleman: If you die, i'll miss you.
mrs mama: *senyum je...
Littleman: Tomorrow you contest.
mrs mama: Erk!!! *layankan je la...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crocs Alice - Ruby for Sale

Crocs Alice - Ruby
Size: W7
Price: RM100

*Reason to sell, salah size daa...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FIFA World Cup 2010 Draw

WC 2010 Grouping
Demam World Cup baru nak mula. Baru2 ni FIFA buat draw utk tentukan grouping 32 negara yg layak utk bertanding kat South Africa bulan Jun 2010 nanti. According to FIFA, South Africa is all geared up to host the world most watched event. 10 stadiums are waiting the teams from all over the world. But the highlight will be at the newly built Green Point Stadium, Cape Town.

Sekali tgk pada grouping, nampaknya mcm saingan lebih pada Group A. The controversial France is grouped together dgn Mexico, Uruguay and tuan rumah South Africa. All 3 countries are known for their capability as "giant killer". South Africa lak have the advantage being the host nation, sure semangat lebih.

Another interesting group is probably Group G. Brazil dgn Portugal satu group. Most people predicted, these two teams will be the favorites for semis nanti. We'll see how la.

Nampak gaya Jun 2010 nanti ramai la orang akan MC, dtg opis lambat, ngantuk kat opis for a very obvious reason. Whatever it is, hopefully World Cup 2010 will be an interesting event for the football (soccer for you Americans) fans all over the world..

Friday, December 4, 2009

Behold.... The Power of the Omnitrix

It started when an alien diviced did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he's got super powers he's no ordinary kid
He's ben 10
( ben 10, ben 10)
So if you see him you might be in for a big surprize
He'll turn into and alien befor your very eyes
He's tiny creepy fast and strong he's every shape and size
He's ben 10
(ben 10, ben 10)
I'll bet he's got it he's on the case
Fighting evil from earth or space
He'll never stop till he saves the day
Now he's the baddest kid to ever save the day
He's ben 10
(ben 10, ben 10)
(BEN, 10)
(ben 10)

We managed to watched Ben 10 - The Power of the Omnitrix (Live on Stage) at KL Convention Center during the Aidul-Adha weekend. Surprisingly KLCC was fulled with parents and children. We took the 5.00 pm show on Saturday. Littleman was so excited eversince he saw the ads on tv. But we have always keep it a secret regarding the tickets until the day before the show. Littleman was all geared up for the show. Mentally and physically. He wore his new Ben10 t-shirt and brought along the his "old" Omnitrix.

We managed to get center seats behind the console. In fact, before the the show started, littleman managed to have a chat with Wan Zaleha Radzi prior to the show. They talked about all sorts Ben10 stuffs and its alien forms. Wan Zaleha knows a lot about Ben10. Guess she have to know about it, since its her company that brings the show in KL.

For kids, I guess its a great show. The special effects, musics, lightings was fully digitized. The stunts were also not bad. The only thing that are lacking is the stage looks a bit "empty" since they are using less props, and more digitized props.

Overall, the Power of the Omnitrix is a great show.. We are really glad that littleman enjoyed it. He keeps talking about it on and on.. In fact before we went home, littleman managed to get himself the "new" Omnitrix at Toys R' Us...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Congratulations Littleman

This is an overdue post..

On Nov 21 all of us went to the Annual Charity Concert 2009 - Kinderland D'shire & Kota Damansara. The theme for this year is "Just You and I Can Make the Difference". The concert was for a good cause, whereby all the collection will go to UNICEF. We were told that, there are RM5,000 was collected from the sales of the concert tickets.

On the same time, the graduating class of six years old received their scrolls. Littleman was one of them. As parents we feel so proud seeing him on stage walking confidently to receive his scroll complete with his graduation robe and mortar board. He really looks calm and confidence as he walks to get his "scroll".

Littleman and his gang performed "The Boys are Back" from HSM 3. He seems energetic dancing on the stage. Unfortunately, he was placed at the back of the group. Hence its quite hard to find him in the beginning. Not bad for six years old, they did some breakdance move, they flipped and all sorts of HSM3 movements. Its soo Zac Afron.

The other performance by the other classes was also not bad. Black & White by the King of Pop, the late MJ performed by five years old kids was cool. Up till today, littleman always asked for mr ayah's hat so that he can performed some MJ's moves.

All in all, the whole concert went well. Entertaining and meaningful, for littleman at least. Something for him to cherish later. Mrs mama did record some performances and the graduation via video cam. But we are still figuring how to burn it on a DVD.

Littleman, you made us proud.. May you grow up as a bright young man...
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