Saturday, February 28, 2009

Special Dedication for a Special Lady

This entry is dedicated to my best friend, my soulmate & my lifetime partner.

If there's one joy, one love,
from which I never want to part,
it's you, my very special love,
my world, my life, my heart.

Happy birthday, my dear!

May we be blessed with happiness, joy and prosperity. 

Love you, till the end of time.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The So Called Birthday Party

Last Monday, Anis ajak main bowling kat Milford. Since the next day (Feb 24th)  is mr ayah birthday, dia kata dia nak belanja game mlm tu. Dah ada game free, kira on je la. She came over around 5.00 pm to pick us up. Lepas tu dia mintak hantar dia kat rumah K Tun dulu and bagi kami pakai van dia. Janji terus jumpa kat bowling alley @ 8.00 pm. We went to Costco & Marshalls before we meet up @ the bowling alley. Cari barang2 yg orang dok kirim. Sambil tu, sempat la littleman mintak belikan kasut Ben10 dia tu.

After we're done with the shopping tu, hantar barang2 kat rumah and terus pi pick up Sham and off we go to the bowling alley. All the regular bowling kaki were there already.

Sambil2 main tu, Anis keluarkan la birthday cake for mr ayah. It was a Bungalow Cake - a combination of vanilla and chocolate cake filled with fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, and whipped cream, and has a whipped cream frosting. Mmg sedap gila cake ni. We also had veggie pizza & cheese pizza along with it.
On that nite gak, littleman scored his personal best bowling score @ 71 points. Not bad! Overall it was a great nite, get together with a bunch of friends, bowling, pizza and the birthday cake.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Delivery from UPS

These boxes arrive today. Jenuh mamat UPS tu ngangkut :D

Anyways, from all those boxes, the smallest one (on the top) is ours. An item for rumah kota damansara :) Sudah unpack semua and repack. So takde la jadi sebyk tu dah ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nu shu

Uncle! uncle! lookkk... i got a nu shu :) hehehe... bangga betul littleman dgn kasut baru dier. Actually nie 1st time littleman nak beli kasut atas kemahuan dier sendiri and pilihan dier sendiri. Try try terus pakai jln keliling kedai :D Scan price tag pun kat kaki dier je. Esok pi school littleman nak pakai kasut Ben10 ;)

So skrg dah boleh basuh kasut oshkosh dier yg beli maser nak raya 2007 dulu. Memang belasah habis2an kasut tu. Tak rugi beli mahal2 ;)

*saper2 nak jugak for their boys, RM90 per pair. Ada 2 colors, silver (seperti dlm gambar) and black ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Packed!!! and more to pack... ;)

2 rectangle boxes atas kotak medium tu adalah barang2 polo ralph lauren. Saper punyer la agaknyer tu??? :P

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A visit to Yankee Candle Village

Last weekend we traveled up north again. But this time nearer, just about 1 hr 30 minutes from our place. We promised to visit Mr. Yahman and family in Hadley, MA. Yahman was mrs mama x-boss, who moved to MA about 6 mths earlier b4 we arrived in CT.

After we had our lunch at Yahman's place, all of us went to visit Yankee Candle village, about 20 minutes away from their house. It is a very big store with scented candles. Sangat wangi dlm tu. Macam2 bau ader. Our most favorite smell will be Spa Fresh, very refreshing. We bought few for souvenirs, something to be remembered from Yankee Candle village.

Selain mrs mama and mr ayah yg teruja tgk deco dlm store tu, littleman tak kurang juga. Once we entered inside the store, looked up... railway all over the store. Trains moving all the time. As a big fan of Thomas and Friends, of coz la menarik perhatian littleman. And there's also Thomas's table inside the toys store, with many other friends. Lama la littleman leka kat situ ;)

Yankee Candle ni mmg kira main attraction kat area New England ni. Sape2 yg dtg area sini, haruslah dtg visit Yankee Candle ni. Apart from the scented candles, other attractions are mapple syrups, toy factory, the medieval age collections and the beatiful Xmas deco. Santa & mrs Santa will be there thru out the year, layan budak2.

From Yankee Candle, our host brought us thru a walk in the 250 years old town of Amherst. It is a nice & beatiful town. They brought us to see Emily Dickinson's (the famous poet in the 1800's) house/museum. Tapi tutup la pulak for the season.

After having a pizza dinner at mr. Yahman's place, we all head back to CT. It was really a great weekend. Thanks to mr Yahman, Nancy, Zach & Adam for being a great host. See you guys again.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Love Story

"You've got mail, the three most powerfull words"

Bila terbaca tag kawan2 pasal meaningful movies ni, tetiba teringat lak kat this one particular movie. It's a romantic comedy genre. You've Got Mail, movie gabungan Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan after Sleepless in Seattle. Kena pulak timing dgn dekat2 nak Valentine's Day ni.

It was in 1999, when this movie was shown in the cinemas during Valentine's. Even though it's V-day, tapi we were not celebrating it, becoz at that time we were just "teman tapi mesra" *wink wink. We went to KLCC for this movie. We went straight from Shah Alam with the legendary Tredia to KLCC.  

It was really a nice romantic comedy movie with both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan being cute. The storyline mmg cukup menarik, sesuai dgn zaman2 IT. Emails, chatrooms.. It really interesting when people you met almost everyday tu sebenarnya your virtual lover/close friend online. 

On the same day gak, Raplh Lauren launch their new perfume - Romance in KLCC. Teringin sgt nak beli, tapi time tu baru lepas shopping mende lain. So hasrat dipendamkan sajalah until year 2001 when we got the opportunity to buy the perfume in Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Sampai hari ni, perfume ni still jadi our favorite and mmg we always have the stock in hand.

And Feb 14 marks the anniversary of together-gather blog...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter 2009 - New Hampshire - the Pictures

As promised, here are some of the pictures from our last weekend trip to New Hampshire. Tak upload semua... more can be found in our flickr (click on the pictures for bigger view) :)

Ski trails @Cannon Mountain


Our vacation house

view from the house

beautiful sunset @445pm

tubing @Loon Mountain

snowmobile @White Mountain (pic courtesy from hiekal)

the ladies...

the guys (2 org takde, pi checkout)

inside the Aeriel tramway @Cannon Mountain

all of us... (minus littleman and amin)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter 2009 - New Hampshire

It was fun fun fun!!! Great trip, great company... Trip to New Hampshire (NH) was the farthest we traveled up north. The weather was much much colder than our place in West Haven. Terpaksa la spend lebih sket for snow pants knowing we would be going up the mountains for some snow activities...

We planned the trip about 2 weeks ago. 10 people agreed to proceed with the plan (plus another 3 children). At first we planned to go to Vermont, but some suggested we go to New Hampshire for better scenery and activities.

On Friday afternoon kami bertolak ke NH (1 van, 1 4WD, and 1 car). The journey took about 4hrs ++. Along the way, putih je pemandangan. Takde tagging2, terus je janji jumpa kat Mittersill Alpine Resort, our place to stay.

We arrived at the place dkt pukul 5pm. Dah nak gelap... Our house consists of 5 bedrooms with 3 full bathrooms. Mmg sgt2 selesa utk 10 adults. Kalau setakat extra lagi 5 org pun ok. We unpacked semua brg2 and settled down a bit before we started preparing food for dinner. Dinner was nasi ayam... All are pre-packed from home, so just panas2 kan... and masak nasi lebih memandangkan semua org extra lapar dlm cuaca yg sgt2 sejuk!!!

Littleman and his fren mmg tak ingat lain dah... dok melekat je kat basement. TV diaorg punyer... byk giler VCD/DVD and toys for them to play.

Esoknyer, sedar2 org dah started preparing breakfast. We prepared chicken gyro wrap, and tuna sandwiches utk bekal ke mountains. Selain tu omelette with spinach and tomatoes , and nasi goreng for breakfast at home. No pedas2 food since we would be at the mountains for the whole day. Nanti susah nak ke toilet :D

One group went to Cannon mountain for snowboarding and skiing, while the other group (including us) went for snow tubing at Loon mountain. Littleman and mr ayah had so much fun tubing. Tapi penat jugak la dok menarik tube littleman (with him on the tube) panjat bukit snow tu. Mrs mama pun ader gak tarik naik ke atas sekali coz mr ayah dah semput hehehe... sib baik tak terberanak mrs mama dibuatnyer...

Littleman earlier buat perangai... ader ke nak cari playground kat situ! Tak dpt mengamuk!! Protes la takmo main tubing tu... Kami paksa dier main gak!!! Dah tubing sekali, naik syok!!! Again ayah!! Super fastttt!!! Fasterrr... adoila... Lepas habis littleman tubing, pi makan dulu. Mmg dah lapar sgt2 and penat sgt2...

Then mr ayah's turn for tubing. Mrs mama dok kat lounge je tunggu littleman yg mcm org nak tido tu. Habis diaorg tubing, gegas lak ke Alpine Adventures coz dah booked for snowmobile lak. Sementara org snowmobile kat White mountain, mrs mama and littleman tunggu kat kedai Alpine adventures je. Sampai tertido2 gak la kat situ. Temperature was expected to reach -23 degrees (fahrenheit bukan centigrade) at night. That was why the snowmobile session was cut short to 1hr only instead of 2 hrs. Kalau tak nanti ader yg beku atas snowmobile tu :D

By the time we reach our place, the temperature was already at 4 degrees... Semua org letih!!! Tapi takde saper berani tido, kot nanti ader yg pagi esok baru jaga ;) Lepas semua org dah relaks2, prepare dinner... roasted chicken, tomyam udang, sayur spinach, and sambal belacan. Berselera semua org makan...

That night, maser nak tido baru terperasan badan littleman panas. Demam pulak! Tak lena la kami tido mlm tu dok bangun few times tuam kepala and badan littleman, and refilled air humidifier. Sib baik gak la dlm bilik kami ader humidifier tu. Coz bilik tu sgtlah panas!!! Nak turunkan temperature, bilik org kat atas plak sgt sejuk... so guna je humidifier tu hala kat littleman. Nasib baik esok paginyer littleman sihat terus...

Sunday morning after breakfast, kemas2 barang... check out. All of us agreed to checkout the tramway in Cannon mountain. Angin sgt kuat. Terasa keras je muka kena angin sejuk tu. Kami naik Aeriel Tramway at Cannon mountain just to checkout whats up there. Most of the tram passengers were going for skiing/snowboarding. Kami je la yg naik without any ski equipments. Bersempit2 dgn diaorg. Sampai atas lagi la sejuk gilerrr... Tinggi gak tempat ni dlm 4180 feet. We just hang a while kat restaurant atas tu and wait for another tram utk turun balik. As expected, tram turun ke bawah takde org. Kami je la, 13 org dlm tu. Senang nak amik gambor, ke sana ke mari sesuka hati :D

Later all of us were on our way to Tilton outlet, except for 1 car went to Vermont. Macam tak complete plak kalau tak singgah outlet ;) We just grabbed the chance coz outlet in NH takde sales tax. Sgt berbaloi shopping kat situ. Tapi kami tak lama kat outlet tu. Mrs mama sempat shopped few stuffs for baby and a handbag for her (2 kali masuk baru beli muahahaha!!!)

Safely arrived our home at 8pm. Mr ayah demam...

Note: pictures will be uploaded in the next entry...
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