Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Dr. Ting

So, littlebro pun dah di-introduced to Dr. Ting... Been planning to continue littlebro's immunisation with Dr. Ting, tapi asyik tertangguh sbb kalah psycho nak drive all the way ke Puchong from Keramat/KD.
We went to dr ting because littlebro got flu, cough, and phelgm. Masuk 3rd night, his phelgm dah berkurangan tapi belum hilang, so kena continue another 2 nights. Littlebro nie cool je biler amik neb. Memang berbeza la dgn littleman yang meraung all the way the process masa kecik2 dulu. Littlebro nie nangis gak la biler dah lama sgt takleh nak bebas bergerak, cuma takde la sehebat tangisan littleman :D

Pics below were snapped on our 2nd night to dr ting's clinic:

And these 2 on the 3rd night:


Sudah tak heran. boleh tido lagi... hehehe...

And below are pics of littleman when he was admitted in Columbia hosp, puchong due to diarrhea (Sept 26th-29th):



Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Sale

20 pc set

(for 4 people)

RM 475/set

Set includes 4 of each:
10-1/4" Dinner Plates
7-1/4" salad/dessert plates
18-oz Soup/Cereal Bowls
6" saucers
9-oz stoneware cups

Availability: 2 sets in stock

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