Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hayl Arsyad

Hail to the new Hayl Arsyad... That was a comment from an unlce in DC :)

Unlike littleman's name, we kept to ourselves this littlebro's name until the baby was born and officially registered with JPN. Masa mengandungkan littleman dulu, awal2 lagi dah canang kat org nama bakal baby :)

As most of our frens know, during the pregnancy mrs mama was hoping for a girl. So we had a girl's name for the baby. When the sonographer said it would be a boy, then only we look for a boy's name. It didn't take us much time to come out with Hayl Arsyad. It was decided within one day.

Few facts about littlebro:
  • Susah nak dgr littlebro nie menangis. Kalau tak dibiarkan kelaparan, mmg takde chance la nak dgr suara littlebro berkumandang... :D

  • Tak suka berselimut. Agaknyer masa mula mengandungkan dier dulu pun dah hujung2 fall, then winter... dah biaser sejuk la kot, kena cuaca panas nie, maner nak berselimut! tau2 kaki dah atas selimut.

  • Enggan memakai mittens/booties littleman dulu. Asyik tertanggal semuanyer. So, kena pakai yg baru jugak. Ke psl mittens/booties lama tu getah dah longgar?

  • Satu lesung pipit, sebelah kanan. Littleman has 2.
Oh yea, hari nie genap littlebro 3 weeks old.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Littlebro

Alhamdulillah mrs mama safely delivered the latest addition to our family. Both mrs mama and littlebro are doing fine. Littlebro was born on June 2, 2009 @ 9.25 am in UKMSC, Cheras. Weigh at 3.15 kg and with a length of 47 cm.

Everyone, please welcome, littlebro... (nama nanti we will announce in the next few days, InsyaAllah)

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