Monday, August 24, 2009

The 13th International Symposium of Victimology

Location: Tokiwa Uni, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan
Duration: 23-28 Aug 2009

Mr ayah was given the golden the opportunity to present a paper which was co-authored with Dr Gaboury entitled "Establishing Human Trafficking Centers Globally: Humanitarian & Economic Perspectives during the abovementioned symposium.

Stacey, mr ayah & Dr G

Parallel session no.5, slot no.1 (Human Trafficking I), which was the 1st to go. Dr. G decided to let the student to present, which mr ayah and his colleague Stacey did. Alhamdulillah it went smooth. Stacey did the 1st part, and mr ayah did the next portion of the paper, which is the proposed solutions/conceptual proposal. Stacey is a CJ major in her Sr. year. She helps a lot for our paper. Tak sangka ramai lak yg berminat nak bertanya, tapi due to time constraint, the chair allows 3 Qs. Semua nak tuju kat mr ayah lak tu, tapi Alhamdulillah boleh la jawab.

mr ayah in action.. hehehe

The paper looks into human trafficking in the perspective of economy and humanitarian, yg mana the research focus on the economical aspect of a country that contribute to the push & pull factor of human trafficking activities. The establishment of human trafficking centers globally would be the workable solutions to address both reactive and proactive measurement to stop the crime. The centers would be best deployed at regional and sub regional level, since every region/country have their own unique issues and challenges regarding human trafficking.

muka lega dah abis present paper

Mr ayah would like to thank beloved mrs mama for the great support and understanding. Can't really do it without your support & patience. To all family members and friends for the prayers and encouragements. Special thanks to Dr G, for giving the opportunity and advices during the preparation of the paper. (Siap offer nak jadi SV kalau nak buat PhD nanti tu. Ada la dekat 10x dia ulang)

InsyaAllah we are working towards to publish this paper in one of the journals later.

If only mr ayah can share this with Arwah Ayah.. Ayah, this is for you...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heading to the Land of the Rising Sun

Present Location: KLIA
Destination: Tokiwa Uni, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan

Mr ayah skrg ni tgh tunggu flight nak ke Jepun. Alhamdulillah, at the very last minutes the management bagi approval utk ke sana. Tujuan trip kali ni utk present the paper yg mr ayah prepare masa buat MSc dia dulu. Mr ayah is the co-author of the paper with his supervisor. The paper was accepted by the International Symposium of Victimology few months ago, cuma opis mr ayah je baru bagi approval utk pegi.

Terasa pressure gak nak present paper kat International forum ni. Sure ramai Prof2 yg cerdik pandai standby nak critic nanti. Sure ramai expert2 dari seluruh pelosok alam ada nanti. Dah la kena time bulan puasa ni. Mr ayah punya session will the the 1st slot of parallel session #5 in symposium, since ada 8 parallel session lain. Awalnya... Hopefully all will go well.

Tiap kali dtg KLIA ni sure terasa sentimental. Dah la sejak balik dari US, dah 5-6 kali ke KLIA ni sebab tugas luar. Kat KLIA ni la last dgn arwah ayah. Everytime lalu the exact same spot lepas turun dari escalator nak masuk departure, sure pusing blkg tgk atas. Still terbayang2 lambaian dia masa nak pegi US dulu. Pejam celik Dec 2007 dah lama dah berlalu.

InsyaAllah with all the doa' from the love ones, hopefully the presentation in Japan ni went well.

Mr ayah dedicate this presentation for Almarhum Ayahanda, Hamzah Mohamed. Al-Fatihah.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last update was one and a half month ago. Lama betul tinggalkan blog nie tak berupdate. Buka pun sbb nak click link kengkawan je.

So, what we've been up to? 1st week of July we moved to our own house in KD. Littleman is back in kindie again. Tak susah nak suruh dier pi school, as he always likes to go to school. Boring kot ngadap muka mrs mama kat rumah :P

Our long awaited container finally arrived on 4th week of July. Rumah yg dah almost clear from kotak2 masa pindah weeks ago, dah penuh balik! Memang terasa mcm duduk dlm stor... itupun byk juga kotak2 org yg tumpang container dah terus tuju to their own destination. Else, mmg tak muat la nak masuk dlm rumah tu.

Mr ayah dah 2 kali outstation since we moved to KD. Struggled jugak mrs mama pagi2 with the boys especially masa dah mula masuk kerja. Littlebro mmg takde masalah, littleman tu je byk ragam. Dgn mr ayah ok pulak bangun pagi. Dgn mrs mama, siap kena ugut2 takyah pi school (littleman kan suka pi school, berani la mama dier ugut camtu ;)). Sangat menguji kesabaran la this littleman...

Littlebro is doing fine. Dah mula susah nak bg tido skrg nie. Kalau dulu boleh biar tinggalkan, tido sendiri. Now if not atas tangan, riba, or rocking2 sket atas rocker, tak tido la dier... Nasib baik dlm kereta ok. Littlebro goes to nursery in subang jaya, so pagi2 pi kerja dgn mrs mama. SO far dlm keter mmg good boy, takde nangis. Nasib baik jugak la route menentang arus.

About work... mr ayah bz, bz, bz... kalau balik rumah hari masih cerah littleman pun pelik! "Why are you back home in the evening?" Biler balik lambat (after 9pm), "ayah forgot to come home" LOL!!! Mrs mama pulak, is backed to her old workplace, and back doing abap againnn...

Had a chance meeting mrs vogue and her ajmal b4 they leave for colombo. Main bowling @Cineleisure and makan @The steamboat. Kenyang gillerrr!!!

Now, pikir pikir... mana lagi nak letak brg2 biler unpack the boxes!!! peninggg...

Btw, BKL2552 is on the road!!! hehehe...

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