Friday, November 13, 2009


Seeing this picture of littlebro...

1 day old
miss you...

Littlebro's latest picture:

1 day before 5 months old

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thomas freak

We bought these 2 DVDs, Hero of the Rails and Railway Friends from Both dvds are in Malaysia, arrived few weeks ago, but yet to pick them up. It will be a surprise for littleman. He had been anticipated for the Hero of the Rails dvd since July. The dvd was released on September 5th, 2009 in US. (Railway Friends tu beli sbb nak cukupkan dpt free shipping.)

However, last weekend he started to watch new dvd teaser on the youtube.

Littleman: Mama, I want splish splash splosh.
Mrs. Mama: Aper tu? Tak pernah dengar pun!
Littleman: Ader la... I saw it last night (entah masa bilernyer dier tgk last night tak tau la, pdhal baru that day dier tgk youtube)

I just typed "splish splash splosh thomas" and hit the search button. Berderet video on SSS keluar. Wahhh!! mana pulak budak nie dpt? Dah tak tgk Hero of the Rails ke? Nie mesti new series from Thomas and Friends.

Semalam teringat la nak google psl SSS tu. Betul la... it's a new series, will be released on January 5th, 2010. Wahh! advanced betul anak bujang nie. Yg di-order pun belum pi amik, dah anticipate for new dvd pulak. Nasib baik next year baru nak keluar.

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By the way, last sunday littleman got new hair cut. Jenuh gak nak paksa dia potong rambut. At last dier setuju juga setelah dijanjikan untuk membeli cd/dvd for him. Mrs mama plan to go to Ampang Point since there is no toy shop over there. But mr ayah suggested going to GE mall instead. And mr ayah was very much aware littleman will "pow" us more than cd/dvds since there is a Choo CHoo Train outlet in GE mall.

As expected, in less than 5 minutes inside Choo choo train, littleman already grabbed 2 sets of trains, Hiro and Patchwork Hiro (Hiro is the new character in Hero of the Rails). Nasib baik dier tak nampak the whole set of the series, set tu letak tinggi kat atas.. hehehe... oh! and dier tak jadi beli cd/dvd coz he was expecting to get the splish splash splosh dvd, which we guess won't be available in Malaysia.

littleman with the new hair cut in his Kinderland fit

*This Thomas freak will be watching Ben10 Power of the Omnitrix Live on Stage on November 28th, 2009. Come and join us... :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mr No who doesn't accept No

Remember Mr. No? Littleman got that title when he was in the nursery in West Haven, CT. This littleman always say 'No' to almost everything u ask. Sekarang pun mcm tu jugak, sesekali...

Situation: On our way back to Taiping. Upon entering the PLUS highway... (lagi 300km to reach taiping)

Littleman: Are we there yet, ayah?
Mr ayah: No. Jauh lagi la. Why don't you sleep first.
Littleman: Say almost ayah... Are we there yet, mama?
Mrs mama: No.
Littleman: I said almost!
Mrs mama: Ok, almost...

About 100km, we stopped at one of the hentian rehat.

Littleman: Are we there yet?
Mrs. mama: Err... errr... almost!

And we kept saying almost the entire journey becoz he didn't accept No for an answer... adoi la...

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