Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mrs mama, 19 weeks and 6 days

Nie latest pic of mrs mama as of lagi sehari nak cukup 5 bulan pregnant. Ader sesetgh org masih tak tau mrs mama pregnant kalau tak diberitahu. Maybe due to berlapis2 baju yg dipakai during winter, still not wearing maternity clothes, or because size skrg mcm lebih kurang samer jek mcm maser baru2 sampai US a year ago, hehehe... rasernyer reason yg last one tu paling tepat kot. Tadi maser checkup, timbang berat pun still less than berat b4 dtg US dulu. Tapi dah naik 3lbs from a month ago :)

Anyways, yg penting baby sihat... Result blood test for down syndrome came out -ve. The chances is 1/5000. No more test needed after this. Just continue with the regular checkup.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Homemade Steak

Baru2 ni we bought a grill griddle kat Costco. Tu pun lepas kena racun dgn Anis la. A good brand with a good bargain price. Lagipun grill griddle yg letak atas dapur je, and biler masak tak berasap sgt, jadi mmg convenient la. Nak beli BBQ set kat sini, mmg la harga dia reasonable, tapi mcm la selalu sangat nak BBQ nanti. Kira ambik je grill ni sebab mmg practical.

Alang2 dah ada grill griddle ni, we decided to try it. Our 1st experiment is a homemade steak. Beli daging partly T-bone, partly sirloin kat kedai Aldean, terus marinade mlm tu juga. It was a huge portion. Beli 2 je dulu since nak try buat steak sendiri.

Jadi our dinner for last Thursday nite was homemade steak with coarse black pepper & mushroom gravy plus steam veggie and baked potato. Pas tu kena pulak dgn root beer float..

Puas hati makan steak after more than a year tak makan. Mr ayah sampai gigit tulang la. Balik nanti kena visit Victoria Station, Chili's, TGiF, Dave's Deli dan byk lagi la... eh! tapikan dah ader grill gridle nie ;)

Friday, January 16, 2009

2nd ultrasound - 18 weeks and 6 days

Tak sangka, senang betul nak fine tune littleman to accept that he's gonna get a baby brother. Dengan muka terkejut he said, "mama miaaa!!!" hehehe... and later dier dah mula planning to share his toys with his littlebro. Comel jekk!!

How about mrs mama? who was hoping for a girl... Terkejut jugak la but of coz with excitement masa sonographer tu bg tau "it's a boy". Memang jelas kelihatan pistol dan kantungnyer... Alhamdulillah... boy or girl, asalkan sihat... (dah ready juga sebenarnyer, kalau tak takkan dah ader nama hahaha!!!)

As per ultrasound, the baby develops well. He is now weighing 9oz. Heart rate pun kuat, 154bpm. Kali nie the baby still menonggeng, but with a canggih ultrasound machine (eventhough it's not 3D), camner tah dier pusing2 boleh nampak semua. Kagum sekejap hehehe...

So, aper nak buat dgn baju2 baby girl yg dah beli?? Anyone who wants to have a preview of the collection, pls let us know before we start sorting for exchange/return. Kat US kan boleh senang2 je exchange/return tanpa byk soal ;) Size ranging newborn-18mths...

This also means, more shopping to do...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fully loaded weekend

- Harvard Square with Harvard Store sighted

It was a very interesting weekend we had. It all started with searching for some stuffs for the to-be-born baby on Saturday. Merata la pusing dari Babies r Us sampai la ke mall. Not much choices yg jumpa when it comes to stroller system. Maybe sebab we have our preference set already masa browse online. Hehehe. We were out dari pagi sampai ke malam, dari West Haven sampai ke Westbrook. Alang2 sewa kereta over the weekend, guna la sehabisnya.

On Sunday, after having breakfast, we headed up north to Boston. Dah janji dgn Aina and family to meet them up. Since diorang baru sampai few days before Xmas, tak de chance nak jumpa lagi. Meantime diorang dok rumah Nina + Samir before moving in their new place later at Medford.

Since the trip to Boston ni ambik masa around 2 hours plus, we arrived at Nina+Samir's place around afternoon. We had a great time catching up over lunch prepared by our lovely host. The nasi beriyani sgt sedap! Mrs mama makan bykk... :D Nina+Samir ni our college mate dulu, kebetulan lak mmg dok Boston.

After lunch we decided to take a walk kat Harvard Square, tapi Nina+Samir decided to rest @ home, since saira tgh tido. It was fun to walk while catching up stories. Littleman and Yaya seems to get along very well very fast. Mcm dah lama geng pulak. Even masa kat iHop, diorang boleh buat mcm kedai tu diorang punya. Nasib baik takde org halau. Hehehe...

- Sweet Yaya and cheeky littleman

We drove back to West Haven around 10 pm and safely reached home around midnight. It was a fully packed weekend but enjoyable. To Nina+Samir, it nice to be able to see you guys after many many years tak jumpa, and thank you for hosting Aina and family temporarily at your place. And to Aina and family, all the best adjusting to the new environment as Bostonian and all the best in your studies. We'll catch up again soon.

*Actually we are waiting for the pic from nina's camera. takpe la, later la upload... nanti basi lak entry nie ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Farewell 2008, Welcome 2009

Alhamdulillah year 2008 we were blessed with many good news. Things have been smooth sailing through out 2008 even though kami dok merantau. Dalam tahun 2008 ni jugak la, we had the chance to travel and shop around the US. Merasa gak la pegi Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, visit Joey in Ohio, tgk Independence Day fireworks kat Chicago, Niagara Falls and few trips to DC and NYC.

The best part of 2008 is when we received the good news - mrs mama pregnancy. Semua orang excited with the long awaited news including big bro littleman.

Dlm 2008 ni jugak dpt jumpa kawan2 yg lama tak jumpa, tapi boleh lak jejak kasih kat US ni - En Yahman, Nancy and the boys, the Afdal's, Aca & Tinie, labu & vogue, senor eriq, and Joey. Meet new friends in West Haven/New Haven and surrounding, NY and DC.

Littleman pun dah start sekolah and adapting well in school. Mr ayah pun doing well so far.

Year 2008 ended with mr ayah and hiekal went to Times Square, NYC to celebrate New Year with 1 million other people there. The weather is freezing cold (around -14C) and orang punya la sesak. Not advisable utk bawak budak, and please dressed warm enough to be there. It is advisable to be there early since NYPD will block all entrance to Times Square by 4.30 pm. Cukup la pengalaman sekali ni je celebrate New Year kat Times Square dlm keadaan yg beku.

Moga 2009 ni akan dimurahkan lagi rezeki utk semua..

Farewell 2008, Welcome 2009 to all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Apa ada dalam kotak???

Expecting other package, but we got the other package instead. Lately we are expecting a lot of packages to arrive at our front door. Year end... sales here and there...

This package was covered with snow when we found it in front of our door. Fedex nie letak senyap2 jek, tak tekan door bell. Mrs mama thought it was her stuffs she was expecting, tapi bukan rupanyer. UPS mmg lembab sket dari Fedex! Esok kot dpt... ;)

Apa ada dlm kotak??? Few stuffs from Polo Ralph Lauren... sale tuuu... Rugi rugi kalau tak beli. Paling tak boleh blah... mrs mama beli gak few items for baby girl. Huh! gender belum tau lagi tu... confident jek! Takpe2... kalau salah gender nanti, you guys can expect clothes for sale in this blog, hehehe...

mrs mama membelek polo for littleman

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