Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is a reminder for me... the wifey, other half of together-gather.

A list of favorite series to be on air soon... :D

Desperate HousewifeApril 13th9pmabc
One Tree HillApril 14th9pmcwtv
Brothers and SistersApril 20th10pmabc
Gossip GirlApril 21st8pmcwtv
Greys's AnatomyApril 24th9pmabc
Ugly BettyApril 24th8pmabc

Harith, please kasi chance mama pulak tengok TV yea... ;)


Joey aka Rizal said...

Looks like you need to get a second tv lah bro.....,anak merajuk, bini merajuk, susah ko karang.....

~ayoi~ said...

Joey: FYI we do have a 2nd tv, but we don't have 2nd cable service. I don't think its wise to subscribe 2 cable line. *wink

iXa said...

hehe kat sana pun sama gak.

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