Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nokia E90

It has been about a year since both of us start using this phone. Through out that period, it has been serving us very well. Dah merata dah phone ni travel, sampai la kat US ni pun pakai lagi. This is for one simple reason, the phone still in good condition.

Nokia E90 is also known as the 10th generation of Nokia Communicator family. In actual fact, we have never used any of the Nokia Communicator before. This is our first time to own a Communicator. We migrated from Dopod (now HTC); Windows based PDA phone to the Nokia E90; a 3rd Generation Symbian 60. Both of us tidak termasuk dalam kategori orang yang kerap tukar handphone especially bila model baru keluar. Since both of us are IT graduates, we kinda have some interest in technical gadgets and widgets.

Why Nokia E90? Physically it is a bulky phone that comes in 2 colors; red and mocha, and weighs around 200 gram. It does not fits in your palm nicely since it's big. However, what comes with it is a major success. A Quad band frequencies I guess is a rather standard package with most mobile phones nowadays, HSDPA + UMTS (3G and EDGE) + GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900) makes communication on the go really "going over the limit". Tak lupa juga ada WiFi 802.11 b/g. You can get mobile on your voice and data almost anywhere across the globe; provided the telco provider offers such services. Voice and video calls, fax, SMS, MMS and also emails (POP, IMAP or Blackberry - using 3rd party application). Other connectivity such Bluetooth, Infra red and USB support.

We do utilize the Office functionality of the Nokia E90. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation viewer, PDF documents viewer, converter and file manager. I did store documents required for a meeting, seminar or even class in the Nokia E90. It's so convenient having the documents around in your phone. You can later email or beam to your colleague instantaneously.

Nokia E90 comes with Global Positioning System (GPS) capability. Maps are free for downloads. However, the navigation functions is available for download with minimal subscription fees (weekly, monthly or annually). The GPS functionality really helps a lot when we are traveling. We can plan our trip ahead, and have the navigation to guide you through your trip plus for confirmation you can use the navigation as a digital compass. Travel made easy with Nokia E90.

As for multimedia capability, Nokia E90 can handle most audio and video files. It also comes with FM radio. Nokia E90 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, 20x digital zoom, night mode, AF, Red-eye reduction and self timer. The camera also able to capture a 30fps video. The length of the video depends on the size of your hot swappable microSD memory card. We hardly use the multimedia functionality since this is not our interest. Furthermore we do have Creative Zen Vision for that.

In a nutshell, Nokia E90 is a great gadget. It's more than just a phone or a PDA. It's a tool for the world of mobility. We are happy with it. Can't even think of additional functionality for the Nokia E90 except for touch screen capability. With this enhancement, you can navigate quite convenient, and adapting Graffiti to it is a plus.

Note: This is not a free ads for Nokia E90, just like to share our experience using it. Unless Nokia or HTC wants us to test their products. *wink *wink


together-gather said...

i miss my dopod 818pro... :(


azzam izham said...

oh dopod

Joey aka Rizal said...

You need to get a Iphone lah bro.....
Then you can give me your E90

tgazfa said...

la, ketinggalan giler aku nih ... aku still guna phone without camera, without infra red, bluetooth pon tarak .. semua tarak ..ringing tone pon tak leh donlod wakakka .. guna ringtone standard ajek .. sungguh pilu sekali wakakkaka!!!

together-gather said...

ala, dulu ko pernah advance dr aku. ingat tak maser kiter lunch kat blkg LGM? time tu ko pakai phone samsung flip (yg aku kater cam mainan tu). mesti tgh glamer psl byk guna dlm citer korea. aku guna nokia 3310 jek. next phone aku lepas tu baru guna samsung :D


~ayoi~ said...

Joey: Tunggu E90 ni terbelah 3 baru aku tukar phone lain. Hehehe.

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