Sunday, July 13, 2008

iPhone 3G - Unleashed

Apple Inc. launches the new iPhone 3G worldwide on Friday, July 11th 2008. Unfortunately, Malaysia was not one of the participating country for this gadget. I wonder why? The nearest for the Malaysians to get an iPhone 3G is in Singapore. However, Apple is smart enough to "take charge" of their market by having "teaming agreement" with the major telco provider of that country. For instance, in the USA, Apple teamed up with AT&T, in Germany with T-Mobile, Swisscomm in Switzerland and Singtel in Singapore.

No doubt that iPhone is a sleek gadget in terms of look with intelligent features. The Multi-Touch display is really a seller. It makes navigation at ease especially with the wide screen. Accelerometer is another extra function that add a plus point to it. Whenever you move/rotate the phone, the screen will automatically adjust to portrait/landscape mode automatically. Cool, huh?

Connectivity? 3G, WiFi, GPS et all. You name it they have it. Tapi tak sure pulak GPS and map tu ada map Malaysia or not. Kalau tak, tak berbaloi la beli kat sini. Beli kalau bawak balik, tak boleh fully utilize the functions, no point la.

Anyhow, regardless whatever the technology offers (most of the time, the gimmick that have been featured by the ads), the bottom line is do we really need it? Unless you're still using Nokia 3310 or MT V3, I guess it's worth an investment for upgrading. Or else, this gadget will end up as normal phone. Think twice before investing.

As for us, the temptation is there, but we settle for our E90 while it lasted.

*Tapi the new HTC Touch mcm menarik pulak!


yaya|azura said...

entah bile la cikyaya nak dapat iPhone nie..... huhuhuhu :P

the evil genius said...

my boss got an iphone for 1 week and later gave it to her daughter...he said the novelty dies after 2-3 days...but he's a nokia guy...i'm still thinking it...

~ayoi~ said...

Mr Evil: iphone is cool, though. But i guess, its any other big boys toys. Nice to see, feels like owning one, tapi bila dah pakai after sometimes there's nothing really great about it. Even I switched from Palm OS, to Windows Mobile (ipaq n dopod) and now settledown with my E90.

I guess, boys will always be boys. Balik next year jom pegi fotografi outing jom?

~ayoi~ said...

yaya: Please place your order via email. Ngeh ngeh ngeh

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