Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jenjalan US 2008 - Orlando, FL (Day4)

Our 4th day was spent exploring Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

Epcot was interesting. The park concerntrate more on technology and innovation. We took a ride at Spaceship Earth Pavilion where we had the chance to explore the space. Harith mcm terjakun kejap tgk stars dkt dgn dier, hehehe... In Epcot they have "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" with 3D special effects. We tried this before in Paris Disneyland, exactly the same. This time around, just nak bagi Harith pulak the chance to experience it. Being 5 yrs old boy, he didn't enjoyed it that much. He was more excited when we cruised out to "The sea with Nemo & Friends" in the clamobile. After the cruise he went looking for Nemo, tapi takde pulak meeting with character Nemo session.

One attraction yg we tersangkut lama was at Innoventions. Kat sini segala mak nenek game consoles semua ader. Not for display, but for you to play. Harith sangkut lama kat sini because he was playing Cars game on PS2 (mr ayah tak bwk ps2 ke US, lepas geram la tu). Tapi takkan la dtg Disney setakat nak main ps2 je kan? We just dragged him out dgn dier dok nangis2. Sib baik ader Nemo cruise tu :D

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom supposed to be our peak of Disney vacation. This is where you can find all Disney's characters, the fairytales and much more. For those who already had the chance to visit other Disneylands, you'll find Magic Kingdom very much the same. Since cuaca sgt panas, queue pun panjang giler, most of us tak rajin nak beratur tgh panas. We ended up waiting for the kids main air at Ariel's Grotto in Fantasyland. Harith mmg lebih berminat nak main air je, instead of meeting with the characters. But he did meet Mickey at Mickey's Toontown Fair. Other than that we just took pictures and shopped for souvenirs.

We left Disney park early that day coz all of us wanted to spent more time at Orlando Premium Outlet for our last day shopping. Lagipun dkt2 6pm tu, hujan dah mula turun. That night, mrs mama at last grab jugak Coach handbags she'd been eyeing the night before :D

More pictures are in our FP.

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