Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jenjalan US 2008 - Orlando, FL

We headed back to West Haven after Washington DC. Preparing for our next destination the following day - Orlando, FL.

Our flight to Orlando was 1105am. And Mr hubby thought it was at 1155am. Luckily our shuttle came early at 730am. But knowing it was a working day (friday), the traffic was quite slow. Our driver pulak sepanjang perjalanan from West Haven to JFK airport, NY asyik dok bergayut je... Passengers semua tido, penat kot after 6 hours journey from DC last night. We managed to get to JFK airport 1hr before departure time. Fuhhhh!!!...

Orlando - Day 1 (30th May 2008)
Safely arrived in MCO, 1st thing yg semua org notice, panasnyerrrr!!! We went straight to pickup our rental car. It was easy to find our villa, of coz with the help from a GPS ;) We checked in at Holiday Villa, Kissimmee (sgt2 recommended!). Then went for groceries shopping at Walmart and kedai halal (just nearby, about 3 minutes away) for our 5 days stock. Kat Walmart jumpa org M'sia yg dtg bercuti gak. Org kpg gak, Setiawangsa jek :D Later at night, acara mensurvey Orlando Premium Outlet, dah sah2 nampak on the way from airport ptg tadi. Hehehe... shopping lagiii... (sila jealous en. gorjesss)

Orlando - Day 2 (31st May 2008, it was Harith birthday)
Universal Studio and Universal's Islands of Adventure
Panasss... sgt panas... One whole day spent at these 2 parks. Tak layan semua pun, tak terlarat dgn cuaca yg panas terik. Melayan Harith je la, birthday boy. For us, the parents amik gambar buat syarat.

Tgk gambar je la, nak citer kang panjang sgt pulak...

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Olpicture said...

tumpang lalu... tumpang lalu ye Encik....

vogue said...

wahhhhh.....jalan jgn x jalannnn

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