Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jenjalan US 2008 - Orlando, FL (Day3)

Day 3 di Orlando we spent most of our time in Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World in general ada 4 main parks altogether, therefore we covered 2 parks for each day. To be able to cover 4 parks in 2 days, we opted for 'park hopper' tickets.

Orlando - Day 3 (1st June 2008)
Animal Kingdom
We started our Disney rendezvous with Animal Kingdom. Sekali tengok macam kat Zoo je. Tapi once explored inside, memang sampai tak larat nak berjalan. Dah la tempat besar, dgn hari panas. Tahan je la. Tapi since it is animal kingdom, at least byk la pokok2 dlm tu, so ader gak la tempat teduh.

We wacthed 2 live shows here, Festival of the Lion King and Pocahontas and her Forest Friends. Impressive!!! Another attraction was "It's Tough to be a Bug", a 3D show. Dalam show nie Harith menjerit part spider jatuh dr atas... Arrggghhh!!! Littleman nie dah ler memang takut dgn spider. Hahaha!!!

Other attractions yg nampak cam tak menarik to us, we just skipped. Lagipun we need to go to the next park, which was Hollywood Studios. Tapi for sure Harith tak miss The Boneyard in Animal Kingdom, coz dlm tu ader main air ;) Basah lagi...

Hollywood Studios
Next park, Disney's Hollywood Studios. Elok sampai2 je, tengah High School Musical II show. Lama gak this show... and ramai jugak la yg ikut menari2 tgh jalan tu :D We went for Lights, Motors, Action Stunt show. This thrilling live show was brought direct from Paris Disneyland. Gempak gilerrr!!! Now we know their tricks in stunt action ;)

We had the chance to witness the unforgettable scenes and great moments captured in motion pictures history in The Great Movie Ride. Harith takut sket dlm nie coz scenes tembak2 kiri kanan, depan belakang tu agak panjang.

Harith went to explore The Magic of Disney Animation with mr ayah, while mrs mama went for souvenir shopping :D Kalau 2-2 dok ngekor littleman, jgn harap ler nak dpt shopping!

More pictures are published in our FP.


Alfian_Troxion said...

asal ko nampak macam bodybuilder Ayoi :P hehehehehe

~ayoi~ said...

Troxion: Itu bukan badan bodybuilder,tapi badan building body.

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