Saturday, March 22, 2008

Washington DC

After having our breakfast, we headed to the nearest Metro station here, Dunn Loring - Merrifield station. Took a day pass which costs usd7.80 each. Our 1st stop was Federal Triangle station, located underground of Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

Our target is to go to the famous icon in DC, the White House... :D and area2 sekitarnyer, including Smithsonian Institution, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, US Capitol, and few others. Nie semua kat satu tempat jek, tapi luasnyer mmg tak larat la berjln.

The National Air and Space Museum itself pun dah cukup besar. Dalam ni je dah ada IMAX cinema. Tengok orang queue nak beli tiket dia, punya la panjang. Macam-macam ada dalam tu, especially on the achievement of the Americans dalam bidang aerospace. For kids pun, ada dia buat simulations and demonstrations on how things flies and other informative inputs pasal bidang ni. Harith seems to enjoy this place. Boys dengan airplanes and rockets, memang cukup synonym. Tambah pulak tempat ni luas, seronok la dia berlari sana sini. Tapi manusia punya la ramai, MasyaAllah.

Memang penat berjalan the whole National Mall area. Tu nasib baik tak masuk semua tu. Berapa hari la baru nak habis masuk semua. Tapi some of the museums are not in our interest pun kalau nak masuk, especially kalau benda-benda arts and history ni. Hehehe... Mintak maaf la.

Overall it was an enjoyable trip though we thought we should have strategically plan our visit ni. Eventhough it was tiring, dengan Harith at times dah tak larat nak jalan, and mintak nak dukung. Penat jugak la. Tapi it was worth it.

Before we head back, we jumped in the Metro and head towards L'Enfant Plaza to look for some foods and refreshments. It was 2 stations away from the Federal Triangle Metro's. Kat sini, kami makan la sikit, and bought some souvenirs for ourselves. Not much to see kat L'Enfant Plaza ni. Tengok gaya macam mall lama je. Dah settle makan semua, we headed back to Metro and gerak balik to Dunn Loring's station, where we parked our car and headed back to our friends place.

More pictures will be uploaded in our fotopages.


Nik Faris said...

Wah, seronoknye! Keep on posting yer! :D

zatil said...

we will, we will... hehehe

Joey aka Rizal said...

Wow, how i miss this place.
I used to go to DC a lot, since Baltimore tak lah jauh sgt dari DC. Fav. time to go, 4th of July....mcm beach party jer time tu.

~ayoi~ said...

Joey: I thought so ID4 would be the best time to go. Tapi, kalau nak lagi happening aku rasa NYC la kot time tu. Kena plan mana nak pegi next ni.
Mcm mana trip Chicago? Tak update pun blog kau. Hehehe

Joey aka Rizal said...


NY kalau nak pegi, masa New Year bro. Gila Havoc. Tapi tak tahu lah for people with responsibilities....:)

Aku NY and DC nie mmg selalu pergi dulu, kalau nak gie New York, aku boleh jadi tour guide lah....

Chicago ok lah, but think i will go again when the weather gets warmer.
As for updates on the blog, busy lah skrg brader....

~ayoi~ said...

Joey: NY anytime kami boleh pegi. Tapi tunggu masa yg sesuai je. Kawan kat NY, wife dia tgh expecting, malas la nak kacau.

Kami pun cadang nak pegi tempat kau. Tapi tunggu bila weather tak berapa sejuk. Then kau bawak kami ke Chicago sekali. Amamcam bro?

Joey aka Rizal said...

No problem. Ko mai sini, aku bawak gie Chicago. Aku dah kira tere gak lah area Chicago tu.hhehehe

zatil said...

joey: ok, best best... pi tempat ko, pastu leh cover few states kat sana plak ;)

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