Thursday, March 6, 2008


I had my 1st orthodontic treatment in West Haven yesterday. Actually it was my 2nd visit, the 1st visit the dr. just tgk2 current condition of my teeth and asked details about the treatment record. I had to ask my orthodontic back in M'sia to transfer my record here. We had discussed about this earlier, so the dr. is already aware.

Yesterday, the dr. made a new model and changed the chain. The wire is still using the old one coz he wants to wait for my treatment record to arrive and get the exact size for the wire.

The cost? hmmm... should I mention it here? kalau ikut US currency, for the mthly treatment it is cheaper than my mthly payment in M'sia. but kalau convert to RM, errr... takpe la... saper yg tau, taulah. Anyway, I mmg dah expect psl the cost and had it prepared earlier.

To compare between the two dental centers, the one in M'sia is much2 canggih and cantik. For the friendliness, both are the same. My dr. in M'sia gentler in doing his work. Sikit pun tak raser sakit. tapi dr. kat sini plak, pasang the chain without using any tool. Ke psl tu raser sakit sket? Btw, the dr. here quite impress tgk my braces quality... hahaha... siap tanya where the M'sian dr. got his training and he even wondering where the braces was manufactured :D So seems like I tak salah pilih la kat M'sia. Worth it with the amount I paid for.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ayoi. Just drop by to say hi!

aku dah kat nz... sejuk.. tapi takdak salji la...

keep in touch!

Joey aka Rizal said...


Malaysia has a lot of good Dr. Bro. Sebab kita ramai lagi manusia2 sakit yang sanggup jadi sample.

~ayoi~ said...

Zaza: TQ for dropping by. Akan ke jengah blog mu jua. Eksyen tak nak dtg US, kau yea.

Joey: No doubt kita ramai pakar bro. Bukan takat Dr je, ramai la expertise yg kita ada. Tu yg ramai migrate tak nak balik. Hehehe

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