Sunday, August 10, 2008

Report on 10th Annual International Colloquium on Intelligence 2008

Sheraton Hartford, East Hartford CT
August 4 - August 7, 2008

Alhamdulillah the colloquium went well after 4 days berkampung kat Hartford. There are 6 NSP Grad students assisted including, yours truly.

Overall it was a successful event. It gathers professionals and academias to discussed the role and future of intelligence studies. Diverse group of people came from former intelligence officers, academias from related field of studies, graduate and undergraduate students came from all across the United States and few from Europe.

The NSP Grad Students with Dr T

The highlight was Dr. Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert from Europe. He is internationally known as the leading expert on Hezbullah, Hamas, al-Qaeda and other militant Islamic movement. In his opening keynote, he emphasized on the importance of research in mapping terrorism. Other speakers are from diverse line up of expertise in the field of national security, intelligence and terrorism. The closing keynote address was delivered by a prominent figure in the National Security Branch of FBI, Mr John P Mudd.

Dr Magnus Ranstorp

The only setback was the trip to the Naval Base to visit the submarines. We were informed that all the subs were deployed and none were left. Over and above that, it was raining heavily on the planned day.

However, the dinner hosted by the US Coast Guard Academy was still on. It was a great event, great crowd and great place. Being at the USCG Academy, really brings back the good old days memories in the RMC.

With Rear Admiral Burho (Superintendent of USCGA)

The Colloquium was a success from our view. Personally I did benefit from it; the presentations, discussions and the most important is the networking. Its really great to have the opportunity to meet new friends especially that speaks common issues. I really feel glad to be given that opportunity (even though the "sponsor" tak nak bayar... *sigh!)


the evil genius said...

alamak...submarine la baru considered big boy's toys..rugi arrr tak naik

Qirzah said...

Going into a submarine is surreal. It's so cramped and tight, and you might get lost, coz the openings seem to be everywhere. Rugi lah you tak dapat gi . . .

But you seemed to have enjoyed yourself, especially with the dinner hosted by the US Coast Guard Academy. Food related, lah kan?

~ayoi~ said...

Mr Evil: Tu la pasal. Mmg keciwa la tak merasa naik submarine.

Qirzah: The closest my personal encounter with a submarine was during LIMA 2007. Tu pun tgk luar je.

I did try to enjoy the overall event, esp the foods, when I've to be vegetarian for the whole week there.

Joey aka Rizal said...

Maybe it is just me, but i notice from the last picture, only 4 people wears something dark. The others are all wearing light color pants and shirt. And the 3 out 4 people wearing something dark, seems to be having some kind of power or position. I must assume that you must also be power. Ko mmg power lah bro....

~ayoi~ said...

Joey: Power? Power Rangers ada la. Hehehe.

azzayd said...

Takpe Ayoi..balik nanti kalau dpt masuk Mindef, ganti tempat aku..dapat aa masuk submarime..huhu

Look like u can blend well with the Americans..jgn lupa perturunkan ilmu nanti

~ayoi~ said...

azzayd: Ganti tempat kau? Best gak tu. Mcm dah janji lak yea?

Turun ilmu? No hal. 1st session free, 2nd session onwards aku charge minimal fees. Hehehe

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