Friday, May 23, 2008

Political Science

There's been a lot had happened to Malaysia's political arena recently. Starting from 12th General Election last March 2008 which have been a hot topic discussed at various levels, until recently few days back when the former PM denounced himself from UMNO. There's a lot of pro's and con's from the aftermath of all the events in the political arena. Well, lets not talk about the political scenario back home. I'm not an expert to address my gestures towards the political games, generally.

Anyway, one of the subject I'm currently enrolled for this trimester is NSP Issues in Research and Policy Analysis. It's basically viewing NS issues that drives domestics and foreign policies from a retrospective view of political science.

- Maxcy Hall, UNH main building where the Political Science Dept is located

The Political Science Department of UNH is among one of the highly regarded college in the States. The late Dr. Caroline Dinegar was behind the success stories of the department. Her vast experience when she serves as Foreign Affairs officer at the US State Department was remarkable. She served for two years as director of the Peace Corps in Malaysia in the mid 70's. Yes! In Malaysia after the May 13, 1969 incident. She was there assisting Malaysia to recover from the traumatic event.

What did really amazed me is what the late Dr Dinegar brought back from Malaysia, place it for display at the Department of Political Science of UNH. These 2 posters in Bahasa Melayu and Chinese was used during the 4th General Election 1974 that witnessed a 87.7% majority of Barisan Nasional with PAS as part of the alliance. To some these posters are just another political posters, but personally I was really touched by it. I can't really describe the feelings the first time I saw it. I really wished the unity spirit is still there within us Malaysian.

Deep down inside I still have faith that what ever the political scenario is in Malaysia, we are all still united as Malaysian, regardless the races, cultures or religions. That what makes us Malaysian unique from the rest of the world.

United we stand... together-gather we...


Joey aka Rizal said...

I like this post. You know, I too wish that we are united as closely as before. And your ending, united we stand, together-gether just cool. I'm not sure what Malaysian Politics stands for anymore. It is as if we have lost all pride of being Malaysian. Are we not capable anymore to do what's right for the people, to act and react to a positive construct of a free, independent and prosper nation. Malaysians now should think and fight for the future of Malaysians, not the well beings of past politicians like Annuar or TDM. Our politics are so entangled in quarrels amongst old believes of incompetent past leaders as new politicians squabbling for scraps of goal the international market has to offer, and somewhere along the lines we forget, what freedom for Malaysia means....

Hazriq said...

I think of late, people have noticed that Malaysians aren't as BERSATU as we once were. A lot can be said, many more can be speculated, but come end of the day, it's all within ourselves to actually see where we went wrong. Diversity is important, but if it makes everyone run to their own corner, what's the point of having multi- anything?

Check this attempt by some more famous people in Malaysia to promote unity among Malaysians.

Question that everyone have to ask themselves: What have I done to help?

~ayoi~ said...

Joey: TQ for the compliments. For whatever reasons, the political arena undergone an extensive changes ever since 1969. Maturity? Let the people decide, and we've witnessed the 2008 aftermath. Messages was sent across the board. Let the chess masters play their game now, but I do hope its for the best of the nationhood.

Senor Hazriq: Indeed, it falls back to the basic. Instead of receiving, people should start giving / contribute. Anyway, cool site. I love the song and been keep playing it over and over.

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