Thursday, May 22, 2008

Birthday at school

This little man celebrated his birthday at school 10 days earlier. Got a memo slip few weeks ago from his teacher. Initially they would like to celebrate Harith's birthday on the 30th of May (his birthday is on 31st, tapi jatuh hari sabtu). We requested to do it earlier coz we won't be around on the 30th. So they celebrated his birthday on the 21st. Tercapai la hajat Harith nak birthday at school :D

- memo slip

- chocolate chip cupcakes
* since org dok bertanya, yesss... cupcakes nie buat sendiri

- thank you card for his frens

- goodies for his classmates


Ms.Reny said...

Wahh so meriah Bday Harith..and the cupcakess so cuteee!!

Happy Birthday Harith :)

Olpicture said...

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

Qirzah said...



tgazfa said...


ko buat sendri ke cupcakes zat??? huhuhu ...

yaya|azura said...

cupcakes yg sgt chomel ... cupcakes adalah nama blog aku kat frenster ..wahahahah. :p

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARITH!!! err .. belated ka? :)

p/s: zats, ko yg buat cupcakes tu ke??

zatil said...

for peminat2 cupcakes aku, aku dah jwp kat entry aku :P

cik yaya: belum belated lagi daa...

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