Friday, March 20, 2009

Jumpa lagi

Mrs mama and littleman are now currently around 37,000 feet up in sky heading towards KUL. It was a mixed emotion moment when all of us at EWR. Mrs mama was excited to go back home, mr ayah wasn't too sure how he feels. It couldn't have been sad, since all of us sure will meet up again in few weeks time. However, we can sense littleman was a bit emotional despite having fun running around chasing Liza's and Kush's boys. Mr ayah was touched by littleman when he came and hug mr ayah. He said "Bye ayah, see you soon. I'll missed you". Though there were no tears, but the moment was touching. 

As mrs mama and littleman arrived in ARN, mr ayah got a sms at 7.00 am saying that they have safely arived in ARN for transit, and littleman misses mr ayah and wished mr ayah was there together. It was an emotional morning for mr ayah, woke up in the morning, alone.

It was also arwah ayah birthday today (March 20th). He's supposed to be 62 this year. I've already have a shirt of his favorite color and birthday card ready for him, and mrs mama was supposed to bring it back along.

Have a safe trip mrs mama and littleman. I've been missing both you the moment both of you passed the security check. I'll see you all in few weeks time.

Happy 62nd birthday, ayah. I will always love you, and I missed you a whole lot now. I'll never forget to pray for you.


azzayd said...

tak lama je lagi...lagi 3 minggu..pejam celik..dah kat KL strong beb!i know u are..

z.a.i.r.e.e.n said...

syahdu nye.. romantik jugak ko ni rupanya ayoi! hehehe.. bagus bagus.. bertuah zatil! ;p

~ayoi~ said...

azzayd & zaireen: I guess there's always a soft spot in every man for their loved ones. *wink

Few more weeks to go

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