Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wonders of the Virtual World

As far as we can remember, it was way back in 1997 when the world wide web were introduce in Malaysia. It was during college days, in small college in Kuantan. At that time there were no such thing as broadband or WiFi etc. It was purely dial-up connection. For home users, orang yang mampu je boleh guna internet ni. As for us, as a college student we do have to share. At that time, cuma ada satu terminal je dalam the whole college yang ada internet access for a start. Student yang nak pakai, kena register and allowed to use the facility for 30 minutes only. Dah la pakai dial-up, nak tunggu the webpages loading pun dah lama.

As time passed, cyber cafes were booming in Kuantan. More wonders were introduce over the net. Chat rooms and emails are among the favorite. At that time people will asked you, "Can I have your Hotmail?" to refer to emails. Since Hotmail je yang dominant at that point of time.

But time changes now. The world wide web dah jadi a borderless world. Broadbands and wireless connectivity have been part of our life now. It feels incomplete without internet access now. Be it using your computers or your smart phones, getting online is a must. Internet technology really helps in connecting distance becoming closer. Strangers becoming friends. Long lost friends together. When people meets together, they gather.

The recent hit on us is Facebook (FB). FB really a killer. It was not only us that have been hooked with Facebook. We find out a lots, and really lots of the people that we know are into it also. Friends from school(s), colleges, co-workers and families are FB members too. It really brings us closer to these people. Apart from connecting people, FB also have tons of applications and common interest groups that may you find intereseting. Some are really serious matters and some are just for fun. You share your stories - the past, the present and the future. Pictures from recent to the good old days which really brings good reminissance and memories.

Frankly, both of us really got hooked with FB. Everytime we get online, apart from emails, FB is among the window that are active on our screen. Updating our story / pictures, fools arond with the applications and catching up with our friends (virtually). Call us addicts, yes we are.

FB have been a platform for connecting people from accross the globe. Recently kat tv ada satu commercial that really meant for FB addicts. It's an iPhone commercial. iPhone and AT&T really puts their head together to come out with such ads. Its something like, iPhone is the platform that can brings FB to you. Right at your fingertips. FB goes mobile. What a life... Hehehe.

Well, whatever the technology are they, it depends to the people in the end. How do people use the technology that counts at the end. Enjoy the technology, and use it to the fullest.

Together singing off...

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