Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Macam best je tgk orang bela pets, tanam pokok ni. Kami pun teringin jugak nak try. We did try to keep some fish as pet before. Tapi after few attempts semua ikan tu mati. Pelik jugak. Try tanam pokok, pokok tak hidup. Try bela ikan, ikan pun tak idup. Tak tau la macam mana lagi. Teringin jugak nak bela pet ni. However, cats are a big no la. To us, cats are nice to see and to own, but to own one, we don't think so. Too much of aftercare kena buat.

After we discussed, and looking around, finally we decided to try hamsters as our pet. Harith sure suka punya. Lagipun bela hamsters ni tak susah. Tak payah nak mandi, nak jaga flees etc. So hamsters it was. It was around mid last year when we decided to "adopt" these 2 cuddly creatures as part of the family. Off we go to Pets Wonderland, the nearest in Ampang area.

After seeking some advice from the sales assistant, we decided to opt for a "Hamster starter kit". We let Harith chose which hamsters that he likes. He'll definitely pick the most active hamsters among the rest. We took a pair, male and female from a Winter White Dwarf family.

Back home everybody was excited. Giving hand to setup the "house". It was a medium size that enough to cater the couple. Dah siap semua, let them in their new home. It was fun though looking at how playful they are. Running and climbing around. Tak ubah macam tikus. Indeed they are. One thing weird about our hamsters ni, siang tak active langsung. Tapi bila malam, mula keluar macam-macam bunyi. They started to play around.

After sometimes, we noticed that, this suppose to be couple doesn't click. Ingat diorang main when it seems like they are wrestling. Rupa-rupanya memang diorang wrestling. The female hamster seems like try to dominate the cage. Habis dia bulinya the male hamster. Harith beria la ingat hamsters ni main-main. He was saying that "Hamster tikcles", which seems like they are fooling around. This bullying thing ends up bila the male hamster was seriously injured. Lots of scratches and wounds on him. In the end, due to the injuries, the male hamster mati. We were like sedih la jugak, since bela ikan pun ikan mati. Ni baru nak bela hamster pun mati jugak sekor. After few days later, we decided to go back to the Pet Wonderland and get another hamster. This time we bought another "house". Slightly smaller but enough to cater a single hamster.

Now, the hamsters are really "growing". The female hamster yg gengster tu pun, makin sihat. Tembam je, dah la kaler putih. Since kami kat US ni, the hamsters ni tinggal la kat Keramat. Nasib la ada CN tolong jaga. Recently, over YM, we were told that the female hamster gigit tangan kawan mak yg datang rumah. Memang la gengster hamster kami yg sekor tu..

Together signing off...

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