Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shop for Food

Earlier when we arrived in this small town of West Haven, among the questions that came across was "Senang ke nak carik halal food kat sini?". We did do some research before we came here. Looking for halal restaurants and groceries shops that sell halal product. We came across a few, and were having a thought that this is good enough. At least we can rest assured that we don't have to be vegetarian or belasah seafood je for the whole duration we are here. Since one of us doesn't consume fish. Alhamdulillah...

So far we are doing well here. We've been asked by families and friends back home questions like "Apa korang makan kat sana?" "Senang ke cari barang halal kat sana?" "Korang masak apa kat sana?". With this entry we wish to answer all those questions. Hehehe... Our house is really strategic. We have Shoprite, 7-11, Dunkin Donnuts and McDonalds just within walking distance. The house even located exactly nearby the Uni side entrance and the bus line.

Back to the main story. We used to shop for our groceries mainly at Shoprite since it offers 5% off for the Uni students just by showing your Uni ID. Shoprite offers most of the basic necessity that we require there. We even came accross Milo there too. However, we opt for chocolate drink which is blast! Shoprite also sells halal meats and chicken too. We were told that, due to increasing demands of the halal meats, they only start selling them just recently. How fortunate we were. Meaning that, before this Shoprite tak jual halal meats. Kira around the time we moved in dekat area sini baru la Shoprite start jual. So far we got all our basic needs here. Dari foods sampai la toiletaries. One thing about that stuff here is that, they are kinda cheap (provided you are converting it to RM), and the portion is BIG. To us its worth every dime spent (sorry dah ikut style American sikit). Since the place is sooo near to our house, we just can go there anytime. We try to avoid to shop during weekends since there'll be a lot of people doing their weekly groceries shopping. Normally we'll do our shopping during Harith school days. The duration of 3 hours tu, we do our groceries shopping.

Apart from Shoprite, we do have another place where we shop for foods. A groceries store owns by a Malaysian. Its called Ad-Din Halal Store (I think so). Not really sure the name actually since we always refer it as Kedai Abang Din or Kedai Pak Din. Very helpful guy, who have been around here since "Rahsia" (as what was said by him). Here we'll be able to find a lot of familiar brands and products. Guess what, they sell belacan here also. So we'll never missed sambal belacan then. Frozen halal foods, kicap Cap Kipas Udang, Sos Cili Maggi and lots more. Normally we'll shop for frozen foods such as instant karipap, samosa or roti canai. We get our spices here too. Kiub Ayam / Daging Maggi, curry powder and even Sup Bunjut Adabi. You name it, they have it. If we are in the mood of fresh meat, they sell it here to. They sell it by the pounds. However, one setback about this shop is, its kinda far from our house. Its around 2 km. I know that 2km is not that far, but how about walking 2km in a cold weather? What a thrill to buy some belacan. Anyhow, its worth the walking and time spent.

We do go Walmart once in a while to get some stuff that can't be found in these two places, or when we are looking for other than groceries stuff. But let it be another entry.

I guess thats pretty much about it for groceries shopping here. Well families and friends back home, don't worry we are all fine here. We get to really nice homemade dishes here. However, normally the big question of the day is "Nak masak / makan apa hari ni?" Since we cook everyday, we kinda ran out of ideas. Kat Malaysia pun tak masak hari-hari. Tu yang habis idea tu.

Together signing off...

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