Friday, February 22, 2008

Harith and School

Dah besar dah anak bujang kami sorang ni. By bulan May tahun ni, InsyaAllah cukup la umur dia 5 tahun. Dia ni punya la nakal and playful.

Since we are here in the States, we decided not to miss a chance for schooling him here. Biar develop social and communication skills kat sini. Even though, we don't think that he'll be facing any problem in socializing since he's the friendly type. Playboy la katakan. It's an opportunity for us to school him over here since, by the time we got back to Malaysia nanti, he'll in time for the primary school. Memang kira tak sempat nak hantar tadika kat Malaysia nanti. Kalau ada masa pun cuma tinggal few months je.

After inquiring around dengan fellow Malaysian yang ada anak kat sini, a lot of suggestion came out. Macam-macam panduan dapat. In the end, we've decided to ask the relevant authority. In this case, the Education Board of West Haven. After giving them a call, make an appointment to meet the respective officer in charge. Maka pegi la ke Education Board tu punya office and jumpa the officer. After some clarification, we are asked to inquire Forest Elementary School for registration. Kat sini school assignment is based on your residential address. Kena masuk sekolah yang dekat dengan rumah or within the school district.

So Forest Elementary it is. We gave them a call, and was entertain by a very helpful lady. Kat sini, elementary school's age start at 5 years old. Since umur Harith belum lagi cukup 5 tahun, he'll be only eligible to register for the September session nanti. However, registration for the school will open on the April 1st nanti. We were asked to call her back around end of February. This reminds me to call her dalam this week. Baik letak reminder nanti lupa pulak.

Ok la, since Harith tak boleh nak masuk sekolah lagi, kami pun bincang la. Apa nak buat sampai nak tunggu September. Later after looking and asking around we came across West Haven Green Nursery. Buat inquiry dgn principal dia, Mrs Palmer, kami pun decide to check it out. Kami pun bawak la Harith sekali pegi tengok bakal sekolah dia tu. After we take a look at the nursery school and the schedule, we decided that this'll be it. At least sampai Harith start a proper school.

Starting February, mula la Harith jadi budak sekolah. Its a nursery school actually. But at least its a preparation for him before enrolling elementary school nanti. Kelas untuk budak 4 tahun ni cuma 3 hari je seminggu. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We opt for the afternoon session, 1.00 pm till 3.25 pm. Senang sikit takde la nak terkejar-kejar bangun pagi.

So far after about two weeks Harith sekolah ni, he seems to enjoy it. Sampaikan hari-hari tanya "Today school, yea?" walaupun hari tak sekolah or weekends. Minggu ni Winter break seminggu, so cuti la. And tiap2 pagi kena bgtau dier, hari nie sekolah tutup.

The teachers pun comment Harith ni progressing well kat sekolah. Glad to hear that. Takut jugak Harith tak enjoy sekolah. We had experience before when he was 3 years old. Kami dah start hantar Harith to Q-dees kat USJ 18. He doesn't seems happy going to school. Tapi kat sini, he seems enjoying his school, friends and the teachers. Alhamdulillah...

Together signing off...

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