Monday, November 9, 2009

Mr No who doesn't accept No

Remember Mr. No? Littleman got that title when he was in the nursery in West Haven, CT. This littleman always say 'No' to almost everything u ask. Sekarang pun mcm tu jugak, sesekali...

Situation: On our way back to Taiping. Upon entering the PLUS highway... (lagi 300km to reach taiping)

Littleman: Are we there yet, ayah?
Mr ayah: No. Jauh lagi la. Why don't you sleep first.
Littleman: Say almost ayah... Are we there yet, mama?
Mrs mama: No.
Littleman: I said almost!
Mrs mama: Ok, almost...

About 100km, we stopped at one of the hentian rehat.

Littleman: Are we there yet?
Mrs. mama: Err... errr... almost!

And we kept saying almost the entire journey becoz he didn't accept No for an answer... adoi la...

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