Saturday, February 21, 2009

A visit to Yankee Candle Village

Last weekend we traveled up north again. But this time nearer, just about 1 hr 30 minutes from our place. We promised to visit Mr. Yahman and family in Hadley, MA. Yahman was mrs mama x-boss, who moved to MA about 6 mths earlier b4 we arrived in CT.

After we had our lunch at Yahman's place, all of us went to visit Yankee Candle village, about 20 minutes away from their house. It is a very big store with scented candles. Sangat wangi dlm tu. Macam2 bau ader. Our most favorite smell will be Spa Fresh, very refreshing. We bought few for souvenirs, something to be remembered from Yankee Candle village.

Selain mrs mama and mr ayah yg teruja tgk deco dlm store tu, littleman tak kurang juga. Once we entered inside the store, looked up... railway all over the store. Trains moving all the time. As a big fan of Thomas and Friends, of coz la menarik perhatian littleman. And there's also Thomas's table inside the toys store, with many other friends. Lama la littleman leka kat situ ;)

Yankee Candle ni mmg kira main attraction kat area New England ni. Sape2 yg dtg area sini, haruslah dtg visit Yankee Candle ni. Apart from the scented candles, other attractions are mapple syrups, toy factory, the medieval age collections and the beatiful Xmas deco. Santa & mrs Santa will be there thru out the year, layan budak2.

From Yankee Candle, our host brought us thru a walk in the 250 years old town of Amherst. It is a nice & beatiful town. They brought us to see Emily Dickinson's (the famous poet in the 1800's) house/museum. Tapi tutup la pulak for the season.

After having a pizza dinner at mr. Yahman's place, we all head back to CT. It was really a great weekend. Thanks to mr Yahman, Nancy, Zach & Adam for being a great host. See you guys again.


Joey aka Rizal said...

candles nie mmg satu benda favorite mat salleh gak yek. It helps to counter the smell soggy carpet odor. Tapi pasal Malaysia candles tak popular sgt yek? We don't have the soggy carpet odor, but there is often a smell gak lah...

~ayoi~ said...

Joey: Aku rasa maybe diorang pakai kasut dlm rumah la sebab tu ada carpet odor. Kat Malaysia ppl sibuk dgn potpurri and such. Smell nice too

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