Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FIFA World Cup 2010 Draw

WC 2010 Grouping
Demam World Cup baru nak mula. Baru2 ni FIFA buat draw utk tentukan grouping 32 negara yg layak utk bertanding kat South Africa bulan Jun 2010 nanti. According to FIFA, South Africa is all geared up to host the world most watched event. 10 stadiums are waiting the teams from all over the world. But the highlight will be at the newly built Green Point Stadium, Cape Town.

Sekali tgk pada grouping, nampaknya mcm saingan lebih pada Group A. The controversial France is grouped together dgn Mexico, Uruguay and tuan rumah South Africa. All 3 countries are known for their capability as "giant killer". South Africa lak have the advantage being the host nation, sure semangat lebih.

Another interesting group is probably Group G. Brazil dgn Portugal satu group. Most people predicted, these two teams will be the favorites for semis nanti. We'll see how la.

Nampak gaya Jun 2010 nanti ramai la orang akan MC, dtg opis lambat, ngantuk kat opis for a very obvious reason. Whatever it is, hopefully World Cup 2010 will be an interesting event for the football (soccer for you Americans) fans all over the world..

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