Thursday, December 3, 2009

Congratulations Littleman

This is an overdue post..

On Nov 21 all of us went to the Annual Charity Concert 2009 - Kinderland D'shire & Kota Damansara. The theme for this year is "Just You and I Can Make the Difference". The concert was for a good cause, whereby all the collection will go to UNICEF. We were told that, there are RM5,000 was collected from the sales of the concert tickets.

On the same time, the graduating class of six years old received their scrolls. Littleman was one of them. As parents we feel so proud seeing him on stage walking confidently to receive his scroll complete with his graduation robe and mortar board. He really looks calm and confidence as he walks to get his "scroll".

Littleman and his gang performed "The Boys are Back" from HSM 3. He seems energetic dancing on the stage. Unfortunately, he was placed at the back of the group. Hence its quite hard to find him in the beginning. Not bad for six years old, they did some breakdance move, they flipped and all sorts of HSM3 movements. Its soo Zac Afron.

The other performance by the other classes was also not bad. Black & White by the King of Pop, the late MJ performed by five years old kids was cool. Up till today, littleman always asked for mr ayah's hat so that he can performed some MJ's moves.

All in all, the whole concert went well. Entertaining and meaningful, for littleman at least. Something for him to cherish later. Mrs mama did record some performances and the graduation via video cam. But we are still figuring how to burn it on a DVD.

Littleman, you made us proud.. May you grow up as a bright young man...

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