Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Expecting a Baby Girl

Alhamdulillah, syukur atas rezeki dan peluang yg diberikan oleh Allah swt. In December 2013, mrs mama telah disahkan mengandung (lagi...). Minggu nie, masuk 6 bulan mrs mama pregnant. It has been 23 weeks of suspense for us. We were eager to know the baby's gender. With 3 boys in our family, we put very high hope to have a baby girl next.

Rezeki yg telah ditetapkan. We didn't plan for this pregnancy. So, no tips on how to get a baby girl ;) Kami hanya mampu berdoa...

Expected due date will be on August 20, 2014. Sempat la berhari raya dulu :D Semoga Allah swt kurniakan kesihatan yg baik buat mrs mama dan baby, InsyaAllah.

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anim said...

i'm hanim from klang. i'm actually looking for an old friend from our preparatory days in UTM, KL circa 95-96 (precisely PPKTJ - preparatory centre for technical studies to japan). i searched his name "Ahmad Ngubaidah Mahfud" and found a link to Bainunians9094 blogspot which i think is no longer updated. i tried looking for your contact number via the blog but there was none. Sorry, the reason why i write this to you is because i found his name written in your blog, if he's the friend i am looking for pls ask him to contact me via whatsapp at 0176619335 or facebook (i think he's inactive in fb) at Asnidar Hanim Yusuf. We'd like to get in touch with everyone. Thanks a lot, semoga Allah membalas jasa saudari.

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