Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hayl goes to school

Our famous Hayl (famous kah?) gonna be 4 year-old this year. So, we decided to enroll him to school. Hayl is very talkative, and a copycat. He has very good memory. He is more than ready to go to school.

Hmmm... tapi drama jugak on his first 2 days of school. On the first day, mama had to sit in the classroom through out the school period. On 2nd day, he cried (because mama waited outside the classroom) and later slept through out the school period.

But, he is ok now. He loves to go to school. Cuma pagi2 nak bangun tido tu ada manja2 sikit.

"Nak rest dulu"
"Mama, mandikan Hayl"
"Mama, pakaikan baju Hayl"

Anak lelaki, memang manja mama pun!

Well Hayl, it is already 4 months you are in school. So far not a single complaint we heard. So, you are enjoying your school! :) Our hope, you will learn a lot, expand your knowledge, and get to explore new experience.

Hugs and kisses Haylasyad!!☺♥♥

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