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Europe 2011: Milan, Italy

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June 2nd-3rd, 2011
VE. Mestre - Milano Centrale (ESI-R 9710)

Woke up early to catch the train to Venice Mestre train station from Santa Lucia station. VE Mestre is located on the Italian mainland, where Venezia Santa Lucia is on the island of Venice. Our train to Milano was scheduled to arrive at 8:32am. As usual, the train arrived and leaved on the dot! After about 2hrs 20mins journey, we arrived in Milano Centrale.

Inside view of Milano Centrale

We checked in at Hotel Garda, located about 7mins walked from Milano Centrale. It was one-night stayed so we need to pay upfront. The hotel gave 10% discount for paying in cash. After checking in, we straight away went out. Our target was to get to San Siro stadium, home of AC Milan. We took the metro, and the nearest metro station to San Siro stadium is Lotto Fiera. From the metro station we had to walk about 20mins to reach the stadium. Jauhhh!!! It was not a lucky day because the stadium was closed for a private function! Penat betul jalan jauh2 camtu! So, just snapped few pictures outside the stadium, bukti dah sampai! hehehe...

Mr. Ayah in front of the San Siro Stadium 

Next stop was Piazza Del Duomo and nearby the famous church is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. You can find LV, Gucci, Prada, and other luxury goods' shops here. Back and forth kami mengukur jalan. Keluar-masuk, turun-naik almost all shops just to feast our eyes.

the crowd at Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II

Ramai betul umat manusia di sini. Along the street penuh, crowded! Pelbagai gelagat dapat dilihat. We had early dinner at one of the diners along the street. Had seafood spaghetti (againnn) and coffee while watching people on the street :)

view from our table

seafood spaghetti

The next day, early checked out from the hotel to catch our train to Lugano, Switzerland!

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